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Upcycle waste into city treasures


Recycling is a necessity


Electronic scrap

This is a highly complex group of metals but we have the expertise to handle this to maximise the benefits of recycling.



Spent catalysts from cars, busses or industries. With very valuable metals this needs to be handled with caution and care.

Cracked Pipes

Scrap metal

Copper is needed even more in an electric car relative to fuel and so is nickel for producing high electricity density in car batteries.

Keyboard and Mouse

The path to a sustainable future

As the world gets electrified, mines are insufficient to supply the needs.


With the last few years of increasing home separating garbage, it’s natural that the local waste collectors receive more and more materials separated already at their yards. So we all together make the transition to a circular economy possible.


We save 1,44 MT of Co2 per MT scrap recycled as a general number. Mainly because much less energy is needed.


We want to be a part of the solution to this environmental problem.





Year Established

Projects Completed

Co2 tonns saved



Traceable metals for a sustainable future



The Team to help you

Kjell Levihn

Procurement, certifications and traceability

+46 708 958 624

Tomas Hall

Head of material handling and processing

+46 70 537 40 41

Head Office

Urban Miners

Svitiodsvägen 8b

182 62 Djursholm


+46-8-26 40 00

Gustaf Dyrssen

Procurement, financing and operations

+46 709 376 888

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